Sunday, 28 May 2017

Gallery Opera Labo Concert - Yui Haramoto

Yui Haramoto

young singing talent 
Kobe City 

Today at Gallery Opera Labo the very good and youthful singer Yui Haramoto performed in front of a sell out crowd which is a very good outcome, especially for one so young and at the beginning of there arts career, unfortunately one couldn't be there for her concert today which was a shame but lucky for the auidence who went there is no doubt about that in my mind.

Yui often sings in the Opera Labo voice/ piano room and over the past few years when visiting studio to teach art, and listening to her in the next room, it appears she has developed into a competent and  versatile singer,  in both English and Japanese songs. 

Singing in two different languages as Yui does so well is not an easy voice outcome to achieve, it takes years of hard study and studio praxis there is no short cuts, it is just concentrated learning but the results the audience no doubt heard today listening to her in concert.

So to the audience that went to Yui's Gallery Opera Labo show one can only be slightly envious that you were treated to the sounds of a youthful accomplished voice, and this concert it seems may well be the first of many in what looks like to be shaping up as a wonderful singing future.  Well done Yui!