Thursday, 2 March 2017

Peace & Harmony Exhibition between Japan and The Wild swans Art Group from Western Australia

Artwork by Diokno Pasilan

There is many artworks in this peace and harmony exhibition that hopefully will engage and invite curiosity from the audience, some images are below of participating artists as well as details of the exhibition.

Artwork by Connie Petrillo

Harmony and Peace exhibition
by artists from
Japan and Western Australia

Masters Japan
Unknown sumi e wall hanging early 18th Centaury
Ando Hiroshigie 1853 Woodblock Print, title; Famous Places in the Sixty add Provinces - Shimofusa Choishi no Hama (beach of Choshi)*

Masters Australia
Frank Norton (1916 -1983) Marine artist/official war artist*
Mac Betts (1932 – 2010) Landscape artist*

Martin Heine (1957 – 2014) Western Australian/ German*



Chiyu Uemae*
Ryoko Kumakura*
Sadaharu Horio
Shu TakaHashi*

The Wild Swan Art Group
Western Australia

Caspar Fairhall
Chelle Bourne
Cynthia Ellis
Connie Petrillo
Diokno Pasilan
Duncan Mckay
John Cullinane
Kevin Robertson
Lynne Norton
Michael Doherty
Peter Davidson

All works with a * after them are on loan from a private collection for the exhibition