Sunday, 13 November 2016

Yuki Kimura's Calligraphy

Photograph by Makiko Karitani 

In speaking to Yuki Kimura she stated; 'that some of this calligraphy on show was inspired by her love of Jazz' and this cross fertilisation of two very differing forms of artistic praxis but at times tremendously spontaneous being a jazz musicians improvisation of sound and the charcoal traces on paper  in Yuki's praxis that almost automatically responds to the sensations of sound whilst being placed as visual traces on paper presents a wonderful show.

Calligraphy by Yuki Kimura 

What is also so likable about Kimura's artworks it appears to take an idiosyncratic spur of the moment note or sound then brings it into the visible world in the now, a single sweep of a sumi e brush on paper,  its like pure unadulterated artistic praxis, not something arcane or buried away from the common audience in deep esoteric theory, but seemingly basic like a singular lingering note in jazz, a floating/haunting sound like a lover's happy but saddened gaze through the window of a departing train that everybody at sometime of the life is able to relate too.

The calligraphic reflections with Kimura's sumi e

And talking about windows the afternoons light reflecting off the floor in the gallery streaming softly from the autumn sun seen here in the above image on the wall,  presents a kind of visual poetry to Kumira's calligraphy, like a beautiful tension one static, the other being the sunlight from outside that is at the whim of a clouds movement to come and go as its pleases, the sensation at play within Gallery Opera Labo really do make the space a memorable place to be in, so if your in Nishi Ku Kobe do make an appointment to see this most interesting  show.