Sunday, 11 September 2016

International exchanges for artists and its benefits

Drawing by Tastuya Yano

More recently a student from a local university went for an exchange to Western Australia that was organised through Gallery Opera Labo due to its international connections in Perth and it appears to have turned out to be a fruitful one for the young up and coming artist.

One might consider that there is benefits for a young artist doing an international cultural exchange within the fine arts as it appears to increase their store house of memory on what they can draw on when they return to their studio praxis and how that interacts with the local remembrances when creating an image.

 When young or old artists for that matter take on International art exchanges or travels abroad like William Turners one thing is almost certain their remembrances when painting  will never be the same and for the most part this is a positive outcome.

For example; the artist will more than likely encounter differing  sights, sounds, colours. textures and nuances of light or different art materials to create images on an expanding store house of memories, that  now oscillate along their nervous system and at times intertwine with current memories, that are now manifesting themselves as oil, water or pencil traces, either on paper or canvas.

These new sensation received by the artists hopefully will push his current studio praxis out into unseen aesthetic horizons, presenting new challenges to in studio praxis which is a good outcome and necessary.