Monday, 1 August 2016

Chihoko Yamauchi's Glass and Aiko Sanogawaya's Ceramic

 Chihoko Yamauchi's Glass

Aiko Sanogawaya's Ceramic  

Currently on show at Gallery Opera Labo is a craft exhibition by Chihoko Yamauchi whose medium is glass whilst Aiko Sanogawaya's praxis is with fired clay.  It is interesting to note that when visitors come to the gallery space to view the afore mentioned artists craft exhibition there is this desire to touch the artworks, to feel the textured the objects, hold them up to the light to see how prismatic tones and hues behave as the days sunrays travel through the artworks and at other times, it's simply just to admire the public surfaces of the object as it is illuminated by natural or electrical light.

Chihoko Yamauchi hails from the Nagoya region where she works at Atelier Seize Glass and makes her own glass ware and within the gallery there are some stunning glass pieces that use the natural sunlight to accentuate the delicate patterns of leaves and insects which have a long tradition in Japanese craft. 

There is also pieces within this exhibition by Yamauchi where electrical illumination is used so the pieces can be enjoyed at night, giving any living quarters a kind of tranquility by the way the soft light decimates through the glass ware.

Close by are the ceramics Aiko Sanogawaya who is a self-taught artist from around the Wakayama area this is not unusual in Japan, many artists do this and in some ways its gives the artist a certain amount of freedom. Sanogawaya's ceramics are about function meaning that they have a everyday domestic purpose by being constructed into plates, cups and other kitchenware but nonetheless the aesthetic pale bluish hues designs she has applied with her glazes create a harmony within the utensils and are delight to hold. 

There is nothing better than having coffee and cake from a well-made and very pleasurable tactile ceramic set, my mother used to collect Shelley Tea sets and it was always pleasant to have afternoon tea with a favorite cup and inspect the design shape and texture of the utensil. So if you’re near the gallery in Nishi Ku Kobe please contact Makiko Karitani for viewing of this interesting craft exhibition