Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Why the Wild Swan Art Group is an event to look forward to in Japan for Western Australian Art.

Cynthia Ellis - Blue Series 

Western Australian artists have the unique distinction of being in one of the remote cities in the world but nonetheless, if one uses forensic rhopography(looking at the overlooked) in analysing the artworks being created within that particular terrain, something suprising starts to happen and that is how very different and savvy each artist studio praxis turns out to be and that makes for a very interesting exhibition.

Michelle Green Bourne 
Textural Study through Nature 1

There is no doubt in my mind that The Wild Swan Art Group will make an impressive debut at Gallery Opera Labo, Nishi Ku, Kobe for many reasons here are just a couple.

Firstly, there is the idiosyncratic nature of the artist's studio praxis which starts to become evident as one unpacks each box of art being recieved at the gallery from Western Australia.

For example, one can see in the aforementioned artist’s painting up the top of this page that they exhibit a studio praxis which is very different from the other artists that they will be exhibiting with at Gallery Opera Labo.

For instance, Cynthia seems to thrive in the applications of thick sensual paint traces, whilst Michelle uses her family’s histories of embroidery, integrated with her own systems of painting, to create an aesthetic that reflects the memories of her grandmother’s passion for needle work.

Now secondly, there is another likable issue about this exhibition as it assembles far away from the studios where it was made, for it brings a very different set of memories to ones being encountered now by the audiences here in Kobe, and that is a very important matter because it has the potential for the viewers to learn something first hand and take those remembrances back to their studios or homes, to be creative with in work or relaxation. 

And lastly one looks forward now for the rest of the artworks arriving.

Article by Peter Davidson

Monday, 16 May 2016

Update - The Wild Swan Arts Group Exhibition

Lynne Norton's outstanding print that won the “Excellent Prize” in Qingdao Biennial International Print Exhibition 2000 (CHINA) titled “Impetuous Momentum”

 Peter Davidson - Mum
Pencil on arches paper 
Oval shape 20 cm h x 13 .5 

Cynthia Ellis - Blue Series 
oil on stretched linen
approximately 14 cm h x 22 cm wide 

John Cullinane's painting titled; Birdman - oil on cotton - 25 cm x 20cm

Artists participating inthe exhibtion 

  Duncan McKay, Connie Petrillo, Caspar Fairhall, Kevin Robertson, Cynthia Ellis, Peter Davidson, Michael Doherty, John Cullinane, Chelle Bourne, Lynne Norton and Diokno Pasilan

The artworks for the Wild Swan Art Group from Western Australia is now assembling at Gallery Opera Labo in Nishi Ku, Kobe, Japan and we are now looking forward to hanging them and the opening of the exhibition on the 2016/6/5