Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Lynne Norton - Gallery Opera Labo - Nishi Ku Kobe

Australian Wildflowers
Lynne Norton 
Mixed Media 2016

Currently at Gallery Opera Labo there are four works now on show by the Western Australian artist Lynne Norton a graduate from Claremont School of Art and Curtin University. These recent smallish works by Norton may well be influenced by her mothers studio praxis, being china painting with the modernist designs of Australian wildflowers as the motif.

Parents have often influenced there children one way or another within their artistic lives, Picasso's parents supported him, so did Matisse's mother, the list could go on and in Norton's case she was lucky enough to be supported by two brilliant artists, being her mother and her father Frank Norton (Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, maritime and war artist).

These current wildflower artworks on show now at Gallery Opera Labo are more than just decorative images, they reveal an artist confident within herself and passionately painting her chosen subject matter being Australian wildflowers.

Australian Wildflowers
Lynne Norton 
Mixed Media 2016

If Japan with its exquisite floral Ikebani and gardens is highly civilised, the wonderment for Australia is just how these delicate petalled flowers grow so wildly and beautifully in the very short Australian spring. How often did one see the thousands of acres of beautiful wildflowers in the deserts of Western Australia that seemed to stretch forever only to be burnt by the onset of the furnace like hellish heat that the of that long Australian summer.

Within these small artworks by Norton she puts her focus on a few petals and renders with the same driven commitment as any of the other great artists, who has rendered flowers and the results are exquisite and a joy to the human spirit which is pretty much what beautiful flora does raise your mood. 

If you're interested in any of these artworks please contact the gallery link below


Link to wildflowers

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Opera Labo new Performance/Gallery Space Nishi Ku, Kobe

This weekend Gallery Opera Labo opened its new gallery/performance space it will continue to promote and exhibit local and international artists, this weekends collaboration consisted of Makiko Karitani (Soprano), Mariko Komori (Koto), Chihoko Yamauchi (glass) and Peter Davidson (painter).


The second gallery space within the new Gallery Opera Labo 
with the Monet Pond series (from Kochi Prefecture) of Pillar Painting artworks titled by The colour of time: The poetry of light by Peter Davidson 

Above are the very well crafted glassworks
 Chihoko Yamauchi 
from Nagoya 

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Link to  Chihoko Yamauchi 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Western Australian Painter Michael Doherty

Part of the audiences that has continued to come and see this first Western Australian artist exhibition at Gallery Opera Labo in Nishi Ku Kobe. Gallery Opera Labo will continue to support Artists from Western Australia as well as local artists from around Japan.

 Entrance Gallery Looking into the Opera Salon

Opera has its origins from singers performing in front of painting within artist's studios so Gallery Opera Labo continues this tradition 

Hall Gallery