Sunday, 21 February 2016

Michael Doherty Entrance and Hall Gallery Opera Labo

Abrolhos Island 2015
Still Life
oil on canvas 
26cm h x 30 cm w

Michael Doherty hails from Rockingham, Western Australia a delightful seaside town just outside of Perth, speckled with some very minor light industry and sprawling suburbs. If anyone has ever flown into Osaka one might quickly get the idea of what industry is in this world, how big and how people live amongst it but Rockingham or Perth and for that matter every Australian city has the luxury of mostly under industrialised open space, for Australia has some of the great unspoilt wildernesses in the world left on the coast and land,

Batavia Mutiny 2016
Oil on Board
30 cm h x 30 w 
(with frame)

Doherty's memory from his Irish Australian history painted with his unique imagination in studio praxis, reminds one of Eugene Delacroix and his painted travels to the Orient, many of the paintings are alive with imagination from near, far and very distant shores with premonitions of the the odd alien visitation.   

Doherty's motifs from his imagination and family story telling as there is a image of his grandfather seeing the Titanic as it sailed into its own demise reveal the history is important and art history to the painter is still the greatest sources of learning like Picasso and Cezanne stand testament to from there years spent researching in the Louvre.

A Painter's imagination within studio praxis apparently only captures the attention of the audience, if their intentionality's of trace is charges with adventure into uncharted calligraphic horizons in painting. And Doherty does this with savvy there appears no shying away from difficult subject matter, each memory that appears on the canvas from his studio praxis presents new and challenging aesthetic difficulties, this has been intelligently worked out with assorted of hues, tones, half tints, scrapes, scumbles, short, sharp and long brushes marks taking his painting at its most interesting apogee.

Ghost Ship 2015
Oil onm Board
20 cm h x 22 cm w 

Lastly, it is great to see fine art intermingling with the Opera school as it has been been cross fertilising each other for centuries. In listening to a lecture by a Leading Japanese conductor/tenor and as translated to me, it appears Opera started by singers singing in artists studios in front of their paintings, so this historically close relationship is continuing in Opera Labo Kobe.

Audience in the Hall Gallery