Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Studying baroque for vocal students at Gallery Opera Labo

Summer Concert

The summer concert for Makiko Karitani students of Opera Labo was a presentation of there musical studies in voice.

Baroque is reknown for it melodic harmony it is beautiful to listen too and is often accompanied with the harpsichord played here at this concert by Akari Sawa. 

The style of music known as Baroque came after the Renaissance and finished before the neo classical period and it mainly blossomed in Europe for around one hundred and fifty years between 1600 - 1750.


Omomuki Paintings Peter Davidson

Friday, 16 March 2018

Gallery Operalabo Lautrec Lecture Concert

Gallery Operlabo has just completed it early spring concert with the Lautrec Lecture Concert. With Art Historian Koji Mori giving the lecture on Lautrec accompanied by
 Eiko Ohara, 
  Masami Koga, Yoko Kobayashi, Kayoko Matsukawa, Yumiko Miwa, keiko Yoshida and on 
Piano  Ayu Yamamoto.

Many thanks to all who lectured and performed as well as a special thank you for the supporters who attended the concert plus the support workers who served cake and tea, all these big and little efforts make for a successful concert.

Monday, 8 January 2018

New Years Concert 2018

Opera Labo Saprano Makiko Karitani with Mariko Komori - Koto player 

The Students from Opera Labo put on there New Year Concert for 2018
it was a very good performance from all them this was also held in tandem with the international exhibition by artists from Singapore, New Zealand and Australia 

Artists on show from the international exhibition Shelley Cowper, Melissa Nolan McDougal, Lynn Norton, Sally Douglas, Cynthia Ellis, Chelle Bourne, Connie Petrillo, Jennifer Lim and Chihoko Yamauchi(Glass).

Mariko Komori

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Christmas Concert and Exhibition with artists from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan

Makiko and Tetsuro Karitani with harpsichord player Akiri Sawa

Gallery Opera Labo - Xmas Christmas concert/exhibition  opened on Sunday the 26th of November nine artists from four countries participating they're Shelley Cowper, Melissa Nolan McDougal, Lynn Norton, Sally Douglas, Cynthia Ellis, Chelle Bourne, Connie Petrillo, Jennifer Lim and Chihoko Yamauchi(Glass).

It is interesting to see opera with the fine arts in collaboration for the artworks tend to give a physical dimension to the sound of the event. Opera actually started its history in artists studios by singers performing in front of artworks so the relationship has never been far apart.

For example, the British painter David Hockney has created numerous stage sets, one might suggest that he has a passion for them for it appears he has completed many of them during his life as painter as can be seen on this link below:

Collaborations between artist and performers is important one might suggest for it takes the artists out of there comfort zone, that is always a good thing in the long turn because one learns new things they can include into their praxis and it doesn't matter if the stage set or exhibition is big or small, what matters is that the artist really exhibit the passion that is on show in this collaboration which was from all reports appreciated by the audiences.

Many thanks to all those who came to the concerts and viewed the artworks. Gallery Opera Labo wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2018

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Fan Club Exhibition and Yukata Concert - Gallery Opera Labo

Makiko Karitani and Mariko Komori

Despite the intense heat and the approaching typhoon there was a wonderful day to had at Gallery Opera Labo with many singers performing outstandingly. One of the nice issues from my western art  perspective is how the colour and sound of the occasion very much dazzles the senses.

For example, the range of voices and songs performed was very interesting then there was the unity and diversity of Kimono's worn by the audience and performers was a visual delight to the eyes, so many thanks to all who came and to those who performed it was a very nice day.

Singers learning about the Koto from Mariko Komori

Mariko with Koto

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Koji Mori, Art Historian Iwasaki Nagi Watercolour Artist ,with singers Chika, Kayoko , Aoi

Koji Mori

On Sunday the 9th there was a lecture on paintings that depicted the Life of Jesus by the Art Historian Mr Koji Mori this was in collaboration with three singers Chika, Kayoko, Aoi who in between the talk performed several songs all each that were very different from the other singers,  that the very good crowd in attendance seemed to enjoy.

Iwasaki Nagi

Also during the break in Life of Christ lecture by Koji Mori, Iwasaki presented his ideas within his watercolours to the audience, whilst sipping tea on a hot summers day in Nishi Ku Kobe. 

It is interesting to see how the collaboration between a lecture on the historical fine arts, opera and contemporary watercolour painting works by the reaction of the crowd that went and there support it appear to have been received very well.

Chika Hamamoto 

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Gallery Opera Labo Concert - Yui Haramoto

Yui Haramoto

young singing talent 
Kobe City 

Today at Gallery Opera Labo the very good and youthful singer Yui Haramoto performed in front of a sell out crowd which is a very good outcome, especially for one so young and at the beginning of there arts career, unfortunately one couldn't be there for her concert today which was a shame but lucky for the auidence who went there is no doubt about that in my mind.

Yui often sings in the Opera Labo voice/ piano room and over the past few years when visiting studio to teach art, and listening to her in the next room, it appears she has developed into a competent and  versatile singer,  in both English and Japanese songs. 

Singing in two different languages as Yui does so well is not an easy voice outcome to achieve, it takes years of hard study and studio praxis there is no short cuts, it is just concentrated learning but the results the audience no doubt heard today listening to her in concert.

So to the audience that went to Yui's Gallery Opera Labo show one can only be slightly envious that you were treated to the sounds of a youthful accomplished voice, and this concert it seems may well be the first of many in what looks like to be shaping up as a wonderful singing future.  Well done Yui!